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Gray Consulting Engineers are based in Hamilton in the Waikato. Our committed team have experience in civil and structural engineering and are responsible for designing, consenting and managing the implementation and development of projects in the Waikato and throughout New Zealand. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional service every time.

We continue to provide a variety of solutions for complex projects for our clients. This includes industrial and commercial developments and government projects.

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We believe that the modern consulting engineer must integrate their skills with business leaders, creative designers and environmental planners to ensure that projects are not only economical and functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and environmentally responsible.

As a progressive consulting agency we have extensive knowledge and experience across small and large scale engineering projects.

You have the benefit of an established civil and structural engineering team who work closely with other disciplines. Supportive client relationships are developed, ensuring effective communication to achieve the desired outcomes in all areas of your project.

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